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What students say

Foto di Cristina OrsoCristina Orso (graduated from EPPAC in 2009 with a degree in POLIS):

"It's an excellent, well-organized master's course that let me expand on and delve into subjects from my three-year Economics degree, giving me a good, solid foundation for future graduate studies. The teaching staff are helpful and supportive and are truly attentive to students' needs. Future plans? A PhD in Economics."

Foto di Valentina SiriValentina Siri (2007 graduate of the EPPAC in POLIS):

"EPPAC is a dynamic new program offering thorough, up-to-date training in economics in a wide range of subject areas. The teaching staff is responsive to the students' needs and interests, creating a really supportive environment. The program gave me a true understanding of basic economic principles which helped me in my later studies in the field of finance and were also useful in preparing for the Consob exams and for my future career goals as an independent financial consultant."

Foto di Federica MinardiFederica Minardi (a three-year degree graduate of the Asti branch of the Economics Department of the University of Turin, started the second year of EPPAC in POLIS in 2009 and will spend the 2009-10 academic year at Rennes 1):

"The EPPAC programme lets you build on what you've learned in the three-year economics course and, what's more, it provides the opportunity to finish your second year in Rennes (France), culminating in a bi-national degree. An experience not to be missed!"

Foto di Quentin FrereQuentin Frere (after starting the programme at Rennes 1, graduated from Alessandria in 2009 with a double degree: the EPPAC International Master Degree and the EPFP Master 2):

"At about one hundred kilometres from Torino, Milano or Genova, and nearby from the great lakes region and the Cinque Terre, Alessandria offered me the opportunity to discover some of the numerous cultural treasures of North Italy. At the same time, as the core professors come from an old department of Torino's university, the quality level of lessons proposed at Amadeo Avogadro University compares with biggest Italian university, while its "human size" guarantees better relationships with teacher and an easier integration for foreign students.
In few words, it was an enriching experience both on the cultural and university side."

Foto di Giulia CatiniGiulia Catini (a three-year degree graduate in Internatinal and Diplomatic Sciences -- in the field of International Economics and Finance -- at the University of Genova, graduated from EPPAC in 2010 with a degree in POLIS):

"EPPAC MS allows you to understand and investigate the mechanisms that move our economic reality. Interested in international career and thanks to my teachers support I had the opportunity to do an internship at UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) and a traineeship at the Italian Permanent Mission, both in Geneva. These important experiences gave me the opportunity to apply my academic background in a challenging environment such as that of international organizations.
Plans for the future? Pursuing my dreams."

Foto di Chiara RodighieroChiara Rodighiero (graduated in 2006 with a 4-year Political Science degree and was among the first graduates from the EPPAC Master Degree programme in POLIS):

"I started EPPAC in 2003, the first year it was offered, and was able to follow up on and deepen my knowledge of the subject I love the most, the Theory of Collective Choice. The quality of teaching along with small classes of talented, enthusiastic students really let me get to know the teachers and made my studies a truly enjoyable experience that supported my personal learning goals."

Foto di Marie LabbéMarie Labbé (after starting the programme at Rennes 1, graduated from Alessandria in 2008 with a double degree: the EPPAC International Master Degree and the EPFP Master 2):

"The ten months I spent in Alessandria and during the stage attended in Torino in 2007-08 have been fantastic: it's been a formidable human experience. That was my first long-time experience abroad; I learnt so many things about italian culture, I would do it again straight away."

Foto di Luca FumarcoLuca Fumarco (graduated in 2008 from Alessandria after studying at Rennes 1, receiving a double degree: the EPPAC International Master Degree and the EPFP Master 2):

"EPPAC changed my life! The first-year courses are really interesting and relevant for future graduate studies or for getting a job. During the second year, you can study abroad – and that's useful for everything! I went to Rennes (EPFP). It's a perfect city for students, where you can enjoy studying economics and also grow personally."

Foto di Daniele Bondonio Daniele Bondonio
Chair of the EPPAC Master's Degree Programme
Foto di Giovanni RamelloGiovanni Ramello
Graduate Coordinator for the class LM-56 (Economics)
Foto di Vittorio TigrinoVittorio Tigrino
Graduate Coordinator for the class LM-76 (Environmental and Cultural Economics)
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