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Prospective careers and career opportunities

The main entrance of Palazzo BorsalinoThe Master in Economics (LM-56) prepares students for work as accountants, auditors and consultants, as well as for careers in finance and economics in a variety of fields. This includes business, banking, insurance, financial services and consulting firms, as well as international agencies, such as the European Central Bank, the Bank of Italy, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Bank of Italy and antitrust authorities regulating energy and telecommunications. It also opens the door to career opportunities in international organisations such as the WTO, UN, Unesco, FAO, WIPO, World Bank and IMF.

A conferenceThe Master in Environmental and Cultural Economics (LM-76) is for those who wish to combine their studies of economics and management with their interest in the humanities in order to pursue careers in cultural planning or in the fields of cultural markets and cultural and environmental management.

A corridor in Palazzo Borsalino / A lecture theaterFor graduates interested in furthering their studies or pursuing a career in research, EPPAC provides the knowledge and skills required for entry into the top PhD programmes in Italy and abroad.

Foto di Daniele Bondonio Daniele Bondonio
Chair of the EPPAC Master's Degree Programme
Foto di Giovanni RamelloGiovanni Ramello
Graduate Coordinator for the class LM-56 (Economics)
Foto di Vittorio TigrinoVittorio Tigrino
Graduate Coordinator for the class LM-76 (Environmental and Cultural Economics)
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